Who We Are

Living Free Fellowship is a vibrant, growing church meeting in Portland, Tennessee. As a core conviction, we believe ‘church’ is not just another meeting, but a destination, a place to which someone is going and a place from which someone is being sent.

It is our goal that every person attending Living Free Fellowship be actively growing in their faith. Every day is an opportunity to move closer to God through our relationship with Him. It is our goal that every person actively growing in their faith recognizes the need in others for God’s love. Every day is an opportunity to go and share God’s love and Gospel with those we encounter throughout our day either by word or deed. We are a city set on a hill, a destination for growth, a destination to love.

Living Free Fellowship is associated with the Assemblies of God (AG).

Core Values

(1) Every person deserves an adequate presentation of the Gospel.

(2) Every person needs God’s love and guidance to find the abundant life Christ came to show us and give us.

(3) Establishing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ His Son is the central message of Christianity and the key issue for every individual.

(4) The Bible provides the standard for living and is God’s message for all people.

(5) God withholds no good thing from the believer pertaining to their spiritual growth and development.

(6) JESUS changes our lives for the better.

Why We Exist

Living Free Fellowship exists for the purpose of:
(1) Demonstrating God’s love through word and deed.

(2) Sharing the Gospel with those in Portland and the surrounding areas so that all may come to faith in Jesus Christ.

(3) Helping those of faith grow in their relationship with God.

(4) Worshiping God together.

What To Expect

Singing and Worship

Congregational Prayer

The Message

A Time of Commitment

God can do anything.